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Recipe : Appetizing Buffalo style + pepperoni pizza

Buffalo style + pepperoni pizza.

Buffalo style + pepperoni pizza

About Pepperoni Pizza

Pepperoni Pizza is a savory pizza dish typical of the United States, which is a kind of round and flat dough, which is baked in the oven and usually covered with tomato sauce and cheese with Pepperoni as an additional food ingredient. Pepperoni is a salami condiment originating from the United States-Italy, made from pork and beef that is commonly used as a pizza ingredient in the United States, which often represents 30% of the toppings.

Buffalo style + pepperoni pizza

You can cooking Buffalo style + pepperoni pizza using 20 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Buffalo style + pepperoni pizza

  1. Prepare of boneless chicken strips.
  2. It's of pizza dough.
  3. Prepare of purple onion:sliced.
  4. You need of celery stick: diced.
  5. You need of Ranch.
  6. You need of Frank's red hot sauce.
  7. Prepare of Mozzarella cheese: shredded.
  8. It's of oregano.
  9. Prepare of salt / pepper.
  10. It's of garlic clove:minced.
  11. It's of pepperoni pizza.
  12. You need of pepperoni.
  13. It's of pizza dough.
  14. You need of cilantro.
  15. You need of Small cherry tomatoes.
  16. You need of Onion.
  17. Prepare of oregano / Italian seasoning.
  18. It's of cup of Shredded cheese.
  19. Prepare of garlic clove: minced.
  20. You need of marinara pizza sauce.

Buffalo style + pepperoni pizza instructions

  1. BUFFALO: added chicken strips, salt, pepper, oregano, 1/3 cup of franks red hot sauce, minced garlic into a ziplock and let it marinate while I prep my pizza dough. 15/20 mins later // add ziploc ingredients into hot pan: cook..
  2. PEPPERONI: top my pizza dough with the cup of marinara sauce, cheese, pepperoni, sliced tomatoes + cilantro + onion, add minced garlic on top, and top it with your Italian seasoning & bake for 20 mins @ 350..
  3. Once chicken is ready. I set a layer of ranch sauce on my pizza dough. I add cheese. Then I add the chicken. Now, I add the veggies: celery & onion. I drizzle ranch & hot sauce on top. Baked for 20 mins @ 350..
  4. Enjoy.

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