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Easiest Way to Cook Appetizing Spaghetti ala burger patty sauce (beef 🐮)

Spaghetti ala burger patty sauce (beef 🐮). How to Make Spaghetti Sauce with Ground Beef Rich and meaty spaghetti sauce is surprisingly easy to make, and ready in just over an hour. Serve over any variety of hot cooked pasta.

Spaghetti ala burger patty sauce (beef 🐮) Making your sauce is always better—it's cheaper and so much more flavorful. In a large pot of boiling salted water, cook spaghetti according to package instructions. If making sauce for lasagna, remove sausage from casings and brown with the ground beef.

About Burger

A hamburger (or often referred to as a burger) is a type of food in the form of a round bread that is sliced ​​in half and in the middle filled with a patty which is usually taken from meat, then vegetables such as lettuce, tomatoes and onions. As the sauce, burgers are given various types of sauces such as mayonnaise, ketchup and chili sauce and mustard. Some burger variants are also equipped with cheese and pickles.

American Burger

According to the Seymour Historical Society in Wisconsin, they named Charlie Nagreen as the creator of the hamburger. Charlie Nagreen's name is now synonymous with being called "Hamburger Charlie". He was selling sandwiches filled with meatballs when he was 15 years old at the Seymour Fair in 1885. Due to the lack of success, he found out why, because customers couldn't walk around while eating, he flattened the meatballs he was selling and placed them between slices of bread, it turned out that this was a success and was able to attract the attention of consumers, because the Hamburg Steak dish was very popular at that time, Charlie Nagreen also gave the name Hamburger to his invention. Since then he always returned every year to the Seymour Fair to sell hamburgers, until his death in 1951.

According to the American Library of Congress and the Connecticut Government, the first hamburger was sold in 1895 by Louis Lassen at his restaurant, Louise's Lunch in New Haven, Connecticut. it and named the menu hamburger.

A Texas historian Frank X. Tolbert states that the invention of the hamburger was made by Fletcher Davis of Athens, Texas. He believes that Davis began selling hamburgers at his stall in Athens in the late 1880s, and introduced hamburgers to the St. Louis Fair in 1904.

Spaghetti ala burger patty sauce (beef 🐮)

You can have Spaghetti ala burger patty sauce (beef 🐮) using 16 ingredients and 8 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Spaghetti ala burger patty sauce (beef 🐮)

  1. It's of burger patty.
  2. Prepare of kilo spaghetti (1 small pack).
  3. It's of tomato 🍅.
  4. Prepare of onion.
  5. Prepare of garlic &ginger paste.
  6. It's of p of sweet pepper/capsicum.
  7. It's of tomato paste (small).
  8. You need of 🌶 optional.
  9. You need of dill (frozen or fresh).
  10. You need of spoonCoriander powder (substitute of fresh Coriander.).
  11. It's of Salt and pepper.
  12. Prepare of curry powder (mild flavor).
  13. You need of turmeric (udjust if don't like much.).
  14. Prepare of lemon powder.
  15. Prepare of oil.
  16. You need of water.

Sauté garlic, onion, and bell pepper in olive oil, just Omit mushrooms if making sauce for lasagna. Simmer on medium low for at least one hour, stirring occasionally. Beef bouillon cubes (beef stock cubes) for extra depth of flavour in the sauce, to compensate for this being an everyday midweek version rather This makes the Bolognese sauce emulsify, so it thickens, becomes glossy and clings to the spaghetti. No more watery sauce at the bottom of your pasta bowl!

Spaghetti ala burger patty sauce (beef 🐮) instructions

  1. Wash the engrident with salt (5 minute keep it in the water.).
  2. After you clean the vegetables, blender the tomato and tomato paste together and keep a side..
  3. Here the dry engrident..
  4. Let start to cook; 1 put the burger patty in a casserole/pan and wait till water finish and put onion. Stir fry until golden brown/soft and add the garlic &ginger paste simmer together until a the smell come out 😊✌. Aroma in you food just only burger patty.
  5. Next after 3 minutes add all dry engrident into burger simmer together and add tomato paste wait a second before adding tomato sauce (blender 🍅). To much patience my ricipe guys 😊 because you wait again 5 minutes until boiling burger patty sauce and after that you add boiling water. Cook for 40 minutes..
  6. After 30 minutes add salt and dill and taste it (wait a minutes). If the sauce done 👍 wash the spaghetti before you put in a sauce... Cook in a small fire and mix sometime to avoid burn. After 20 minutes add chili 🌶 and capsicum fresh Coriander if don't have Coriander powder it's okay (yani 1 spoon total). Simmer together and wait a minutes before adding another pepper powder (optional). Close the fire 👍😊 and ready to plate..
  7. Sorry guys I am not a perfect in English writing if you did not understand please dont be shy message me in private. We talk while you cooking. 😊❤Ps; my employer loves spicy ingredients and chilis very much🌶🌶🌶🌶 red sauce and sometime over cook..
  8. Udjust it depending on your taste okay, don't allow my method or my ingredients be a hassle to you 👍👍. Please send me if you try my ricipe. ❤. Thank you..

Thick hearty meat sauce made with ground beef, herbs, and tomatoes and simmered to perfection and served over spaghetti noodles or pasta of choice. Thin spaghetti is topped with a thick rich homemade sauce, laced with hearty spices, and topped off with grated Parmesan cheese! Currently, I am just using worchestire and freshly ground black peppercorn. I have tried adding garlic powder and dry mustard but they didn't seem to change the taste much. I have tried adding dehydrated chopped onions but stopped once I began putting sauteed onions on top of the burger.

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